Hey, everyone!

As some of you might have seen, the Earthlight team had a blast at Huston, and we through it would be a good idea if there is a way for us to share it with our community. The team brainstormed how we could achieve this. After a discussion over (many) coffees and cakes, we decided to hold a competition to give away some NASA gear we picked up. The winners would receive items that were difficult to get unless you had been to Houston and bought them yourself.

The competition asked people on our mailing list what they thought the coolest part of being an astronaut was. After a very difficult selection process here are the winners and their entries.

First prize is a NASA Space Pen, and the winning entry was going to:

“The best thing about being an astronaut would be the perspective it gives and the terror that I imagine that would bring. Looking down at the Earth and seeing just how small it is and turning to look out into the stars would have to be the smallest a person can feel.”


Nasa Pen

Congratulations Isaac! A brief heads up – Space Pen can only be refilled using special space pen cartridge.

Second Prize is a perpetual motion clock which will go to @LibraryVR, whose entry was:

“What would be the coolest thing about being an astronaut? Being part of humanity's greatest accomplishments; exceeding our bounds.”

Perpetual Motion

Note: It needs a battery, lest it violates the laws of thermal dynamics.

And last but not least our third place winner is @pbaker05 for stating:

“The coolest part of being an astronaut has to be the view. It's got to change your perspective on things”.

Thanks for your entry @pbaker05! You have won a nifty NASA mug. Now your mug-slam can be done just that much more dramatically.

Thanks to everyone on our mailing list and thank you to the people who entered we are sad that we could not award everyone a prize but we had to choose some winners! I wish everyon a fantastic week!

- Petra