Over the past few weeks, the new team have really bonded. For all of you who don't remember the team, we have Jennifer Scheurle (Objects in Space), Stefan Allaki (Sims Freeplay), and Michael Davies (Obliteracers, Dead Space). They've sprinted hard meeting their deadlines well and truly before they are due, even hitting their MVP for the HTC Vive collaboration two weeks earlier than expected. Having such a passionate team working on a project that they love is definitely truly special. 

Whilst  Emre Deniz (Director Opaque Space) has been in Taipei at Vive HQ, meeting with our partners. The team has recorded voice over, and worked with the amazing Fabian Malabello and Curtis Schweitzer from The Otherworld Agency to get some truly special audio and sounds into the Earthlight Arcade experience. 

Tomorrow Jennifer and Mitchell Manganaro (Opaque Media Group) will be heading out for a day of play testing. As the team has spent the last few weeks polishing, it's time to get some feedback on how it plays. The data we get from the testing will help shape the project in the weeks to come. 

We've got some really exciting news coming out in July that we think you'll love, so please stick around for more on Earthlight.

Mitchell Manganaro
Studio Manager
Opaque Media Group